Signia Custom Hearing Aids


From $35 a Mon-$140 a Mon with financing. 0% Financing Availible as well. 

The Signia ITC/ITE hearing aids are made to fit the anatomy of your ears and hearing loss for more natural hearing. Recommended for people with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. They have wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, allowing you to stream audio, like phone calls, TV and music. It can allow the person wearing the hearing aids to understand conversations that may be hard to hear in a noisy environment. The push button on the front of the hearing aids allows you to change the volume and hearing programs manually. Also, the hearing aid will automatically adjust to the correct settings when you are on the move, based on the myControl App’s motion data. Available in a variety of colors. Compatible with StreamLine Mic, StreamLine Mic, StreamLineTV. myControl App, myHearing App and more.

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